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Chrysavgi Nasiou is our guide and teacher

Work with the misha/mesa

Our misha/mesa is a portal to other dimensions and possibilities. Come with us on this journey and find out what is hidden from you.

Chrysavgi Nasiou is our guide and teacher

1 day workshop

Saturday, 28 Jaunuary 2023

11am ~ 6 pm 

on site & online

150 euros

We go through the shamanic practitioner program for about a year and we create a mesa (misha in quechua). Most of the times we use our misha for healing others. But did you know that there are more ways to work with her? Do you know that there are hidden gifts waiting for you to discover them? 

Our misha/mesa is a reflection of who we are now, what our healing journey is, includes our gifts and treasures, our abilities and our power.

In this workshop we will teach you how to work with your misha/mesa to change instantly your energy field, your emotions and your perspective about life and situations.

Using your khuyas, cleansing your misha, and journeying to get the messages are some of the practices we learn. Finding our the various aspects of her, and seeing her from another perspective will inform your practice, your healing sessions and you will grow deeper in your medicine. Drawing from the wisdom and learning the methods and ways of the Andean tradition, the Paqo shaman in Peru, you will gain a richer perspective of their cosmovision and learn the magic that they practice everyday. 

For participating and receiving instructions about and payment method, send us a message

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