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The Three Paths

Chrysavgi Nasiou, teacher, explains

Τhe Three Paths  or Kausayi Puryi

The Three Paths

According to archeological findings, the Andean tradition comes from one of the three oldest civilizations in the world. This ancient tradition is alive because it has been passed down from generation to generation orally.  It is not a religion ~ It is a life philosophy. It teaches us how to connect with Nature and the living force around us. Through the tradition, you discover that our actions are those that give life and energize everything around us. The tradition is called Kausayi Puryi (quechua) or else Walking in the world of living energy. The teaching is made up of Three Paths.

The Right Path

This is the one that teaches us how to connect with the energies that are outside of us, in the spiritual realm.  It is the mystical side of the tradition that meets us with the energy and the way that is flows inside and outside of us so every moment of our life we are in balance.

The Middle Path

This is the path that teaches us how to function harmoniously with all our relations. Whether they are friendly, companions, social, business, family, etc. We  exchange energies with everything and everyone, and we learn the nature of exchange and how it works in our lives.

The Left Path

This is where we meet our magical side. This path gets us used to the way we will meet our inner world, our boundaries, our personal power, the right decisions for us.

The tradition of the Three Paths is taught exactly the same way I have been taught by my teachers Don Juan and Ivan Nunez del PradoIn this training, you will create your personal misha, receive initiations, learn how to work with energy, & exercises to practice at your own time and space and open sacred space the way the Paqos do. You will receive a lineage stone and connect with the Paqo lineage on your path.

We offer this program in greek with english translation. Price is 200 euros paid @paypal or bank account transfer. An extra amount  for translation. To book your space, send us a message here.

Fotini Kalle   6975620801

Chrysavgi Nasiou 6972928676

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