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The 9 Meetings

1st meeting

In this first meeting we will introduce ourselves, share a few things about the practices, knowledge, etc. We will also journey to meet our Itu Apu and our Paqarina, or Pachamama.

4th meeting


Karpay in quechua means initiation. 

You will receive an initiation that will empower you.

7nth meeting

Every day practices

We will learn simple practices to work with the cosmic energies and keep ourselves in good condition.

2nd meeting


We will make an offering for our  Paqarina & our Pachamama. We will burn or bury it. 

5th meeting

Shamanic journey

We will do a shamanic journey to meet the Guardians, receive message, get a gift, or advice.

8th meeting


We will learn the superpowers we have and how to use them for good. 

3rd meeting

Khuya limpia

We will learn how to make an energetic clearing/cleansing using 2 special stones. 

6th meeting


We will learn the different kind of khuyas eg stones. How to work with them. 

9nth meeting

This is the end of our journey together. We will receive a gift for our new life.


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