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Munay Ki rites

energetic transmission

The rites of the Munay Ki are gifts from the Andean tradition to the world. They are rites of passage, energetic transmission of seeds and empowerments. As you receive them, you will receive a potential for person growth. As you take care of them, they will grow, evolve and come into fruition and you will grow as well. The rites are received along with a Pi stone,  so you can share them with others. Each one is connected to an aspect of our lives: the healer, the visionary, the seer, the creator, our masculine and feminine, the sacred, the earthy and more. 

Even if you have already received them once, come and get them one more time, as every time you download new date into your energy field. 

The 9 rites start with the 4 basic. These are the ones that give us the practices and energetic tools that help us come into balance with the world inside us and around us. The next 2 bring the masculine and feminine into balance within us. They start healing wounds from this lifetime and other lifetimes. They empower us. The remaining 3 take us in and out of the ordinary and earthly aspect. We receive new information in our luminous energy field, they upgrade our DNA, they replace the old stories and the flow of life with new possibilities. Our relationship with dis-ease and dys-function and death starts changing. We grow differently, we die differently, we live and create in a different way than before. We start evolve right now and we become the luminous beings that we were supposed to be. 

The 4 basic rites of passage
 Hampe karpay- The Healer’s rite

(connect with to healers past and future for our healing)
 Bands of power

(receive bands that dissolve intrusive energies into the 4 elements)
 Ayni karpay – harmony rite

(receive the 7 archetypes, )
 Kawak – seer΄s rite

(becoming a person who can see in the invisible realms)

The Lineage 3 karpays
Pampa Mesayok karpay or the Day Keepers’ rite

(connect with sacred altars all around the world)
Kurak Akullek or the Earth Keepers’ rite

(connect with Luminous beings, the guardians of the galaxy)
Alto Mesayok karpay or the Wisdom Keepers’ rite

(connect with the medicine people past and future)

The 2 transformational rites
Mosoq Karpay – the Star Keepers’ rite

(connect with future time and what we can bring in the here and now)
 Taita Inchis Ranti – the Creator’s rite

(connects you to the Creator and you become one)

masculine and feminine into balance

The rites are given in a beautiful ceremony. The price for the 2,5 days is 300euros paid in advance through Paypal. Ask about next Munay Ki/book your place here

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