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Chumpi Khuyas

Chumpi Khuyas are special stones carved with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 points. 

Khuyas and Incas - energy stones

Khuyas and Incas

The khuyas in the Andean world are stones that represent the strength of Pachamama, Mother Earth.

And as don Americo Yabar has said "They are the evangelia (gospel) of  Pachamama". 

The Incas and many pre-Incan cultures specialized in the use of stone, building cities or monumental work with finely carved stone. Today it is known that every Incan building reflected the perfect equilibrium between the elements of nature. 

Understanding Andean knowledge is complex, and highly specialized as it old, with 5.000 years of history. It has a language, a culture, a worldview and its own thinking system. 

Chumpi Khuyas

The khuyas are energy stones used by the Andean shamans for health purposes, energy purification, good fortune and blessings. They work with the ñawis (chakras) and energy chumpi (energy belts). Every ñawi and every chumpi is assigned to its corresponding energy stone, which are distinguished by their shape. 

The word Chumpi in quechua translates as belt or band. The work of the stones is directed with a set of energy bands, that  envelops or wraps the Nawi (energy center), thus providing support for the poqpo (energy ball). The khuyas serve as tools to restructure the poqpo, (aura). The khuyas are used to open the nawis, extract the hoocha, and later close. Also to weave bands and strengthen the cracks in the poqpo.

If you are energy healer or shamanic practitioner and you want to learn how to give healing sessions using chumpi khuyas, send us a message hereFor the Qeros learning a practice, also includes receiving initiation.

The next training is on the 13th and 14th of January 2024. For the training the price 300 euros with english translation. To book your place, deposit the total amount in paypal or bank transfer by 1st of January 2024. Along with the training on a separate day, you will receive the karpay (initiation). 

 Contact us to give you more information.

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