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The Healing Partners' space

The space has been created in 2018. It is on the 2nd floor of a building with a veranda both front and back. It is a floor apartment. There is plenty of natural light and air, as there are big windows and doors on both sides. We practice repurposing and reusing furniture and lamps. We support recycling: there are bins for recycling, composting and general garbage. 

space view healing partners.png
healing partners table_edited.jpg

The back side of the space

The space at the back has an area of 50 sqm (unified space). There is a round table with 8 chairs and a capacity for 2 more. This is where you can find the coffee and tea preparation area. There is a refrigerator to store some food. This is the place for breaks or pauses. There are big windows at the back that bring plenty of light. The view from there is a beautiful tree, always green. On the other side of the back space, there is a sofa, and bookcase for relaxing and lounging. There is also a full bathroom. 

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