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Fotini Kalle   Shamanic  Practitioner, energy healer, Paqo, teacher

Fotini Kalle
  Shamanic  Practitioner, energy healer, Paqo, teacher

Hello and welcome. My name is Fotini. I am the founder of the Healing Partners space in Athens and this site.

My call for shamanism was answered in 2012  when I received the rites of the Munay Ki in 2012. The call for the Medicine Wheel came a few years later and since then almost every year somehow I am involve into it. 

And the soul's journey continues. 

I am now a certified shamanic practitioner from the Four Winds Society and a community shaman in Athens Greece. I organize regularly fire ceremonies, despacho ceremonies, give initiations and offer healing sessions, both at my office and on line. I love offering shamanic sessions. I feel healing sessions are a  journey of exploration, of magic-miracles and awe. I serve all of creation as best as I can. I live like a shaman, constantly in contact with the invisible world, and the forces of the Universe co-creating with Great Spirit to bring new stories, new gifts, and power into my life and other people's lives .

Whatever is the issue you are dealing, struggling, I can help. Co-creating with Spirit and co working with the Lineage is a fabulous experience for all my clients. I like helping them manifest the best version of themselves. 

If you would like to ask for a session, a space clearing session, or a ceremony call me at +306975620801. 

Chrysavgi Nasiou Energy healer, coach

Chrysavgi Nasiou
Energy healer, coach

Chrysavgi Nasiou is a Greek energy healer, and coach. She grew up in Germany and now lives in Greece. She was 19 when she was looking for a solution to a serious health problem, that made her turn to energy medicine. What begun as a way of self healing and self improvement became a way of life. She dedicated to deepening and learning more through studies and training.  She has received initiations and training from the Inca tradition by  don Juan & Ivan Nunez del Prado, Elisabeth Jenkins, Don Americo and his son Gayle Yabar and with Qero tribes in Peru.

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