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Welcome to the Healing Partners. Here you can learn and be initiated in the secrets and the practices of the Andean tradition. We like to get together and take part in ceremonies, and seminars to learn, develop, and evolve personally, collectively, spiritually and energetically. In the Healing Partners space we offer The Three Paths,  the Nusta Karpay, Chumpi khuyas training, and  Private Sessions. We also organize Hatun Karpay 12 days journey (Big Initiations) in Peru, with our guide Dario Astengo. Soon we will offer more Andean shamanic teachings and initiations.  

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How do you want to live your life?
With sami or with hucha?

The Paqos have one question to answer in their lifetime.
Did you live with ayni? What is ayni?
Ayni is the act of giving because you want to give.
Is giving without expecting something particular in return. 

How do you life your life so far? If you live with hoocha, your path will be difficult, restrictive, full of obstacles and stop signs. 
If you live with sami, your life will be filled with lightness, easiness, and simplicity. Which way do you think it is easier to live with ayni?

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The Healing Partners

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